“Brittingham’s best singing came during the two love duets as she combined a sense of tenderness with firmness. Eileen might be more of a damsel-in-distress at times, but Brittingham was adamant in imbuing her with a strength and resistance.”

David Salazar, OPERA WIRE

“In Joanie Brittingham, the company had a Laurie ideal in looks, manner, and sound for this classic lyric soprano role…Brittingham wisely made it clear that for Laurie it’s leaving that is most important—not her relationship with the intinerant Martin.”

David Shengold, OPERA NEWS

“As Laurie Moss, a young woman on the eve of high school graduation, Joanie Brittingham fully captured the youthful freshness and naivete of her character, yet also showed the dramatic versatility in her depiction of Laurie falling in love with Martin and in her angry confrontation with grandpa Moss.”

Arlo McKinnen, OPERA NEWS

“Soprano Joanie Brittingham brought an ideal combination of crystalline tone and focused personality..."


She fully embodied her character, making the most out of what is a fairly contained emotional arc, and even showing a glimpse of maturation at the end. She has a captivating stage presence, possessed of the sort of innocent kindness that makes her instantly sympathetic and familiar, so that the audience feels completely comfortable with her from the moment she walks on.”


“Standouts included…Joanie Brittingham as a bright-voiced, unaffected Suor Genovieffa.”

Eli Jacobson, GAY CITY NEWS